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jimHello, I'm Jim.

This site is mostly pictures I've taken over the years, along with some miscellaneous stuff.

Here's the latest stuff:

Crows A visit from some crows

Books by Jim Kreuch   Books by Jim - I've written two (so far).

filing cabinet   The Archive - All the stuff that used to be the latest stuff, but isn't the latest stuff anymore.

skyline   JPEGS - Some photos of places I've been.

smiley face   Foison.   What in the world does that mean?

ball & glove   Sports Page - Some games I went to over the years.

Cats, cats and more cats Cats, cats and more cats.

Bible   Tributes - Some family members who have passed away.

links   Links To Other Sites - Some of them are actually useful.

"I am not a comedian. I am a song and dance man."
    Andy Kaufman

Denver skyline

Denver, Colorado: home of Jim's Pages