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A Visit From Some Hawks

August 2020

Hawks on a TV antenna

The hawks that I see around Windsor Gardens usually fly solo, but lately there have been two or three at a time. Perhaps they are refugees from all the forest fires in the mountains. This can't be good for the TV reception (ironically, this was during an Atlanta Hawks game).

One of them decided to relocate to my building (I live on the top floor) and flew straight at me, veering upward at the last second to land on the roof. Makes it kind of difficult to focus the camera!

Comin' right at ya'
Hawk Hawks Hawk
Hawk flying Hawk flying Hawk flying
Hawk in tree Friendly hawk

They don't seem to be too afraid of humans. I've gotten fairly close to them at times, but not as close as this guy.

Hawk on a fence

I was walking on the nature trail having no luck getting any photos of the little sparrows, woodpeckers and flickers who refuse to sit still. As if he (she?) felt sorry for me this hawk swooped down out of the sky, anded on the fence, and posed for me.

A couple of days later he (she?) was standing on the lawn and hopped up onto a handrail. Since then they've all flown away.

Friendly hawk Friendly hawk