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Social Distancing

March 2020

The first rule of social distancing is to avoid large gatherings. This is a good example of what not to do.

Social distancing: not a good example

Cats are experts at social distancing. Next time you see a cat, say "Here kitty kitty kitty". Chances are, it will stare at you for a moment and then haughtily walk away.

Social distancing cat

Perhaps you can find a large lawn or an abandoned park or golf course.

Social distancing coyote

If you have access to the roof, chances are no one will bother you there.

Social distancing up on the roof

Climbing up a tree will easily keep you six feet from anyone on the ground.

Social distancing up a tree

Telephone poles provide maximum separation and excellent views.

Social distancing up on the roof

As an extreme measure, you might build a fortress and put up a fence.

Social distancing up a tree

Of course you will need to venture out for groceries. Stock up to meet your needs, but please, no hoarding.

Social distancing up on the roof
Poor social distancing Good social distancing

When you go out to get groceries and stop at the pharmacy or the bank, you'll want to take inventory, make a comprehensive shopping list, and plan your route to minimize driving. In other words, before you leave, have all your ducks in a row....

Social distancing up a tree