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Twelve Cents For MarvinA the Capitol Hill People's Fair - June 2, 2007

Twelve Cents For Marvin

"Once upon a time, there was a group of friends who liked to go to Denver to see cool shows. One night the show they went to see was cancelled, so they decided to walk around on the 16th Street Mall. While wandering through the night, the friends heard a voice come out of the darkness "Get out of the street or you'll get hit by a bus!" Everyone turned around. Standing before them was a man who clearly had few worldly possessions. A conversation was struck up, and this man had a name: Marvin. All Marvin wanted was twelve cents. When they offered him a quarter he refused, insisting on twelve cents, but he was finally persuaded to take the money. Marvin and the group of friends parted company, Marvin disappearing into the shadows and the group going to Golden for some bowling. While bowling, the name of the friends' budding band was discussed. Many names were presented, but all were soon dismissed for some reason or another. Soon Marvin came up in the conversation, and then it happened. "How about Twelve Cents For Marvin?" That was it. The whole story took place years ago, yet Marvin hasn't been heard from since. It's rumored that on dark, breezy nights, Marvin still walks the streets of Denver on his quest for twelve cents. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting him, you might let him know he's not forgotten."

(from the liner notes to "Yellow Raincoat" by Twelve Cents For Marvin)

Apparently Marvin figured that, in order to get by, he only needed to get twelve cents from each person he met ...

Twelve Cents For Marvin
Twelve Cents For Marvin
Twelve Cents For Marvin Twelve Cents For Marvin Twelve Cents For Marvin Twelve Cents For Marvin

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